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THE VERY BEST OF ITMA gathers together five complete editions of the legendary BBC radio comedy starring Tommy Handley, and is the first time this material has appeared on CD format.

A double CD running for a bumper total of 2 hours and 15 minutes, the set includes the celebrated Navy, Army and RAF editions broadcast in 1944, plus the Royal Command Performance from 1947. Also included is a 30 minute selection of ITMA highlights recorded between 1941 and 1948, narrated by John Snagge.

"It's That Man Again" ran from 1939 to 1948 and notched up over 300 broadcasts. During the war years it was by far the most popular variety programme on the wireless, with up to 40% of the population tuning in. Scripted by Ted Kavanagh, the series gave rise to a whole host of memorable characters and catchphrases, including Mrs Mopp ("Can I do you now, sir?"), Colonel Chinstrap ("I don't mind if I do!"), George Gorge ("Lovely grub!") and Ali Oop ("I go - I come back"), as well as "I'm going down now, sir" and the immortal "TTFN".

The booklet features detailed notes on the three Service broadcasts from 1944, written by producer Francis Worsley. This CD set is a must for all with an interest in vintage radio comedy and variety, as well as students of the Home Front in the Second World War.
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Disc 1:
Memories of ITMA (with John Snagge)
Navy Edition (1944)
Army Edition (1944)

Disc 2:
RAF Edition (1944)
1943 Edition
Royal Command Performance (1947)

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