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Welcome to CD41.
We publish historical spoken word and music recordings on CD and digital download. We specialise in recordings from World War 1 and World War 2, both military and civilian.
Bomber Command Volumes 1 and 2
Bomber Command Volume 1 and Volume 2
  D-Day & The Battle Of Normandy 1944
  The Battle Of Britain 1940
  For Valour: VC Winners 1914-45
Dunkirk & Battle Of France 1940
  The Blitz (Vol 1) 1939-1941
  USAAF At War 1942-45 (Vol 1)
  The Home Front
British War Broadcasting 1938-45
  The War at Sea
  Victory in Europe
  Fighter Command At War Vol 1
Dad's Army (OST)
  Guy Gibson: Dambuster
  Band Waggon
Workers' Playtime
  The Best Of ITMA
  The Red Shoes
  Tipping The Velvet
Siegfried Sassoon
  Artists Rifles
  Sinfonia Antartica
  Over There!
Oh! It's A Lovely War Vol. 1
  Oh! It's A Lovely War Vol. 2
Oh! It's A Lovely War
Our series Oh! It's A Lovely War now runs to four volumes. Vol 1 (CD41-001) is a single 78 minute disc, while Vol 2 (CD41-003), Vol 3 (CD41-006) and Vol 4 (CD41-011) are double disc sets each with a running time of over 150 minutes.
All are collections of archive songs, marches and descriptive or comic sketches (mainly British) from the Great War, recorded between 1914 and 1918 and mastered from original 78 and cylinder sources, with sympathetic use of modern audio restoration technology.
The series is a must-have for anyone with an interest in the Great War, vintage recordings and music hall, and are ideal for museum, dramatic and educational use.
Oh! It's A Lovely War Vol. 3
  Oh! It's A Lovely War Vol. 4


"An historically impressive collection of archival British recordings, and the sound is good. If you're into the historical aspects of the war this is an invaluable resource" (Lawrence Kay,
"The quality is excellent, and we are fortunate that CD41 has undertaken the work of seeking out and issuing these recordings, many of which were thought to be lost" (Stand To!/Western Front Association, 9/2003)
"The Sound of Flanders" (Great War Fiction, 11/2007)


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